GTA Online adds customisable aircrafts next week

UPDATE 29/08/2017 eleven.30pm: GTA on-line has additional a brand new mode that sounds plenty sort of a team-based combat PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds (or Battle Royale before it).

Dubbed Motor Wars, this new mode is delineate by Rockstar as such: “Up to four groups parachute into a sporadicallyshrinking kill box strewn with a fatal assortment of guns, explosives and Weaponised Vehicles. Work alongrealize a vehicle, and fight opposing groups and also the shrinking map to survive and win.”

ORIGINAL STORY 24/08/2017 six.27pm: larceny automotive vehicle on-line is obtaining a serious new update on twenty ninth August that adds customisable aircrafts to Rockstar's sandbox journey.

Dubbed Smuggler's Run, this update can enable players to assert their own personal repair shed wherever they're going to aggroup with Nervous Daffo to fly contraband out of Los metropolis.

As titillated within the trailer below, you will get to pilot choppers, fighter jets, and bombers in these close Smuggler's Run situations. The sky is the limit.

Rockstar conjointly noted on its News Wire that later this season we'll see dilated athletics challenges which will profitof the new aerial choices. These future modes also will add new ground vehicles. it isn't clear specifically once these can launch, however Rockstar same there'll be vacation content move into time for Halloween.

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